We take great pride in our quality of services we deliver. These include Air ticketing, visa processing, hotel booking, travel insurance, along with helping our clients plan their tours in the most effective and efficient manner.


Our exceptionally experienced staff and travel agency has years of great relations with all domestic and international airlines. Our valued customers are the greatest beneficiaries of these relationships as we are able to provide you with outstanding air ticketing services with instant confirmation. We provide our clients with both domestic and international competitive airline booking that suit their best travel needs and requirements. Travel92 offers our clients the lowest possible airfares with maximum options and airlines to chose from.



At Travel92 we know that applying for a foreign visa is a very daunting and difficult process due to the amount of paperwork involved. Understanding how tedious visa applications can be, we offer complete visa processing services for our internationally travelling customers to destinations all across the globe. Our experience team members ensure that we provide our clients with the latest information regarding all visas. We provide complete assistance and facilitation in your visa applications, ensuring that you put together all the correct documents and supporting evidence for your visa application.

Transportation Facility

Travel92 not only looks after your needs in the air, but we make sure that you have what is required to travel on the ground. With our vast network spread across cities and countries around the world, we ensure that you have the best possible transport vehicles for all your movement. Whether you require to be picked up at the airport, need transportation to move around your destination have to be dropped to the airport to catch a flight, we have you covered.


Travel Insurance

It is imperative that you have the best health while traveling. However, any unforeseen circumstances may occur where you require some medical attention in a foreign country. In order to ensure that our clients are looked after during their traveling, we provide comprehensive travel insurance plans to facilitate any medical situation, which may arise during your traveling.


We understand how truly important it is to have a good nights sleep, especially when traveling away from home. Travel92 provides our clients with the best hotels with the lowest possible rates. A perfect tour needs the best hotel providing, maximum comfort and ease. We at travel 92 utilize its wide network of hotels around the globe to help us find the best fit for your preference and needs. Our team is eager to provide you with their quick and efficient services in finding suitable options at hotels of your choice anywhere in the world.


Be amazed by the Batu Cave and the blend of culture and traditions it exhibits. Take a dive at Kuala Lumpur along with the mesmerizing sights it has to offer


ake a look at the exotic sites offered in turkey. Renew your senses while you stroll through the famous spice bazaar. Get lost in the vibrant sights and sounds that Turkey has to offer


Be amazed by the Batu Cave and the blend of culture and traditions it exhibits. Take a dive at Kuala Lumpur along with the mesmerizing sights it has to offer